If you are a manufacturer or a supplier of industrial products, looking to improve your technology, performance and profitability, a FLUC Technology Partnership package can help you to do just that through our cross-industry expertise, best-in-class technology, problem solving capabilities and knowledge exchange.
Partners of FLUC GmbH solutions can select from a list of technologies to confirm the compatibility of certified solutions and the value proposition of comprehensive solutions. Our Technology Partners program brings together the market-leading technology platforms and the innovators pushing the envelope for new use cases of technology. Our collaboration with our technology partners ensures that our solutions align well and create optimized performance and leading user experiences.

We work as an extension of your team to help you make a profit in a highly competitive market, working to give you a competitive advantage, access to the latest industry information and technology, provide you with network opportunities and technical guidance drawn on years of our industry experience.

Our Technology Partnership services support and create value for your organisation through unique insights, resources and innovation.

Optimized performance

Integration, validation and certification ensure our customers of compatibility and optimized performance of our technology solutions. We help you reduce the cost of doing business by keeping ahead of technology and systems and work to protect your organisation. You are the first to hear about new ideas and thinking to make your operation more cost effective. Let us troubleshoot for you by utilising our knowledge and experience.

Profitable investment protection

FLUC GmbH is in for long-term partnerships, thus aligning with partners regarding their development roadmaps for sustained compatibility. Technology partners benefit from our expertise as a global technology leader. Being involved in our programs gives them a sizeable advantage because of our market reach

Access to innovation and competence

FLUC GmbH is partnering with leading and best of breed companies which provide platform technologies playing in concert with our portfolio. Together we strive to offer optimized system performance and innovative uses of technologies, thus inspiring users of new opportunities and delivering highest value. We provide full range services for our technology partners to optimally integrate and utilize our technology solutions into their systems. We provide a steady stream of information that can help you to manage your business more profitably through new product information, standards and commercial information.

Wide range of solutions and products

Our technology partners and customers can access our products, technologies and solutions that have been tested and certified for compatibility with industry leading products. By working with us as technology partners who combine their technical expertise with ours, we can offer them first-rate products and solutions.

Complete integration

Exclusive access to documentation, knowledge bases, tools, manuals, tools, and development kits. Partners can conduct tests in our labs on standardized systems and configurations. If testing is successful, the certificates granted confirm that the partner products tested use the published standards. Technology partners have access to extensive support – from the start of projects through to market rollout. Events for partners are also held on a regular basis to foster ties within the network and to build a strong partner community.

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