Industrial technology is the use of engineering and manufacturing technology to make production faster, simpler and more efficient. The industrial technology field employs creative and technically proficient individuals who can help a company achieve efficient and profitable productivity. Planning and designing manufacturing processes and equipment is a main aspect of being an industrial technologist. Industrial technology involves the management, operation, and maintenance of complex operation systems.

Many technological developments that FLUC has undertaken for various industries can be defined as:
  • the introduction of new tools and techniques for performing given tasks in production, distribution, processing (etc.);
  • the mechanization of the production process, or the achievement of a state of greater autonomy of technical production systems from human control, responsibility, or intervention;
  • changes in the nature and level of integration of technical production systems, or enhanced interdependence;
  • the development, utilization, and application of new scientific ideas, concepts, and information in production and other processes; and
  • enhancement of technical performance capabilities, or increase in the efficiency of tools, equipment, and techniques in performing given tasks.
In engineering, construction, textiles, food and drugs, chemicals and petroleum, and other industries the focus has been not just on the nature and factors facilitating and hampering the introduction and utilization of new technologies but also on the impact of new technologies on the production organization (etc.) of firms and various social and other wider aspects of the technological development process. FLUC has been in the forefront in developing technologies to fulfill these gaps in the industry.

The Rapid, Economical and Low Risk Path to Growth

FLUC licensing is your portal to industry-leading processes and technologies that enable you to produce a broad range of industrial products, with highly favourable economics. Minimize your initial investment in your plants. Maximize your return on that investment. We can help through:
  • Outstanding proven technologies and catalysts that deliver sustainable, superior performance
  • Ongoing support that ensures ease of technology implementation and reliable, safe, trouble-free operations
  • Access to improvements in processes and technologies, stemming from FLUC's continuing investment in innovation, to help sustain your long term competitive advantage
  • Technology and manufacturing experts who tailor solutions to meet your specific needs
You can count on the capabilities, credibility and commitment of FLUC licensing. We make it our business to help your business succeed by licensing proven – and continually improving – technologies and processes.

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