Our R&D management is the discipline of designing and leading R&D processes, managing R&D team, and ensuring smooth transfer of new know-how and technology to partners involved in the innovation. Our promised percentage of technology solutions have always been successfully fulfilled and at times we have delivered even more than expected.

  • We keep our setup upgraded and modernized for efficient and substantial development performance.

  • In-house activities such as concept development, process development, prototyping, documentation management, fundamental transfer, etc.

  • Specialized and experienced R&D team of decades provides expertise for all the core segments.

  • Client specific upgrades have been remarkably in demand and has lot of scope of future development.

  • We provide continuous training and awareness for our R&D team to be up to date.

  • Partnership with leading educational research establishment for access to latest developments.

  • Our global R&D teams trade the benefits of collocation and centralization with the benefits of local responsiveness, local insight and global synergy.

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