FLUC GmbH offers high technology world class quality industrial products, machines, spares and components for the automation of production, materials handling, warehousing and logistics. The product range covers everything from hydraulics and pneumatics, machines to high-storage cranes, transporters, parts interchangeable with OEM's and a full range of spares and components.

FLUC's customers are manufacturers in the countries around the world in foods, medicines, processing, metals, timber processing, automotive and fertilisers, in addition to large, international manufacturers worldwide. Against the background of FLUC's specialist expertise in various trades and industries, we have developed a range of industrial products, machines, components and spares for various types of goods, as well as system components and products for machine and factories.

FLUC has broad expertise and extensive experience of solutions for various types of industries. Our products are therefore based on proven concepts and technology directly developed by us. In addition to efficiency, reliability and functionality, we have also concentrated on making our products easy and safe to operate. FLUC has partnerships with renowned and high quality manufacturers around the world for manufacturing of its products to our quality standards and with our technology.

FLUC has distribution and after sales arrangements with various renowned corporations around the world for distribution of their products. Our own After Sales department also offers 24-hour service and takes care of our customers' needs for training, documentation, service, support and spare parts.

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