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Welcome to FLUC GmbH

Welcome to FLUC GmbH

FLUC GmbH - Latest Technology at your disposal.

FLUC GmbH is a privately held corporation, incorporated in Germany. FLUC is a German industrial technology research & development and licensing company supplying latest technology for industrial products to companies all over the world. We also have manufacturing and distribution for a select range of industrial products.

FLUC GmbH was started with a vision to develop, license and partner for innovative and technologically superior industrial products for a wide spectrum of industries. Our mission is to foster commercial investment in the development of inventions and discoveries flowing from the research and to further manufacturing development in industrial products. We do this through licensing and partnering of the intellectual property resulting from our research and development.

We grant licenses for our patented and copyrighted inventions, to both existing and startup companies that demonstrate the technical and financial capabilities to develop our technology into commercially successful products. We also provide partnership opportunities for companies for the same with a view to market the products through our partner distribution networks.

FLUC is interested in working with established companies, startup companies, individual inventors and small business to commercialize their intellectual property, technology and research work in exchange for equity or royalty sharing arrangements.

The Rapid, Economical and Low Risk Path to Growth

FLUC licensing is your portal to industry-leading processes and technologies that enable you to produce a broad range of industrial products, with highly favourable economics. Minimize your initial investment in your plants. Maximize your return on that investment. We can help through:

  • Outstanding proven technologies and catalysts that deliver sustainable, superior performance
  • Ongoing support that ensures ease of technology implementation and reliable, safe, trouble-free operations
  • Access to improvements in processes and technologies, stemming from FLUC's continuing investment in innovation, to help sustain your long term competitive advantage
  • Technology and manufacturing experts who tailor solutions to meet your specific needs

You can count on the capabilities, credibility and commitment of FLUC licensing. We make it our business to help your business succeed by licensing proven – and continually improving – technologies and processes.
Sunday, August 10, 2003

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